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Russian Fishery Company signs pollock promotion agreement with Meridian, launches third supertrawler

The Russian Fishery Company has signed a promotional agreement with Meridian, a Kosovo-based supermarket chain, and launched the Mekhanik Sizov, its third supertrawler.

The Meridian partnership will result in RFC supply high-quality pollock and surimi products, traditional crab sticks, and snow crab, and develop additional products, to Meridian’s 43 stores in Eastern Europe. The agreement was signed on 27 September at the Global Fishery Forum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“Every year, the partnership with …  Meridian, grows stronger and develops. Our partners' products are well known on the Russian market and are recognized by customers,” Russian Fishery Company Director of Strategy and Commercial Affairs Saveliy Karpukhin said. “Colleagues continue to develop the product line from our surimi, and we are ready to jointly promote and popularize a healthy, convenient, inexpensive snack, so important for a modern person living in the rhythm of a big city. It is important for the consumer to quickly receive a ready-to-eat product; most of our young people are not used to cooking. [We] are pleased to jointly offer products that will meet the needs of the younger generation, while retaining all the beneficial properties so necessary for a healthy diet.”

RFC will supply 3,000 metric tons of raw material to Meridian for product development, and with potential distribution in Russian retail outlets, according to Meridian General Manager Alexey Komlev. Komlev said Meridian’s goal will be to produce a range of products that provide health benefits to consumers at an affordable price.

“We are very pleased with the opportunity for such close and fruitful cooperation,” he said. “We plan to increase the production of both traditional and innovative surimi products under our brands and private label partners. Joint promotion and popularization of surimi products, including those with a pure composition, will inform customers about healthy and tasty high-protein products and make them more accessible."

RFC is currently conducting sea trials of the third of its planned 10 supertrawlers, the Mekhanik Sizov, which reached Vladivostok on 8 September and which will fish for pollock and herring in the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk. The vessel, built as part of Russia’s investment-quota strategy to renew the nation’s fleet, has the onboard capacity to process 60 to 80 metric tons of fish fillets, 80 MT of surimi mince, and 250 MT of fishmeal daily.


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