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Fish processors demand urgent action from PM on labor shortage

Fish processors demand urgent action from PM on labor shortage. The Scottish Seafood Association today demanded urgent action from the Prime Minister on labor shortages within the sector during a face-to-face meeting in Fraserburgh.

Chief executive Jimmy Buchan outlined how Brexit and Covid-19 had combined to create a perilous situation for companies, with production and export capacity severely reduced.

During a lively meeting, Mr. Buchan said:

“I along with others from the catching sector made it plain to the Prime Minister that the Brexit deal had fallen far short of expectations.

“And most pertinently for the processing sector, I sought an assurance that the Government would work closely with us to resolve the critical shortage of labor.

“He agreed that a campaign was required to encourage young people into the industry and on the need for direct action to stem the hemorrhage of overseas workers that has occurred since the 1st of January.”

Mr. Buchan agreed to carry out further discussions on how to move forward with Scotland Office minister David Duguid.

News Source:https://www.scottishseafoodassociation.com/fish-processors-demand-urgent-action-from-prime-minister-on-labour-shortages/


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